About Alpha Channel

Alpha Channel Design is a design company in the Pacific Northwest.

We leverage decades of innovation and diverse design solutions for some of the largest companies in the world. The culmination of unique talent and real-world experience makes Alpha Channel Design an authority.

Our first collections features high detail laser engraved maps in wood, metal, glass, acrylic and leather. We also feature photographic prints and artwork. 

We are located Kingston, Washington which lies to the northwest of Seattle on Puget Sound. We draw inspiration from the beauty around us, from majesty of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains, to the bustling city of Seattle, just a ferry ride away. 

Andy Yeckel, Founder & Art Director


Known for his innovation and impeccable eye for detail, Andy spent most of his career working as a designer in a developer’s world. His capacity to be both the creator and engineer gave Andy the unique skills to defy the limitations of design. He excelled at thinking outside the box while preserving the boundaries of technical design. The constraints of corporate tech eventually led Andy leave the field to focus on being a dad to Ben. 

As the Founder and Art Director of Alpha Channel Design, Andy plans to use his business acumen to grow his design company. Andy and his dad, John, spent months repurposing his unfinished garage into a design studio and Alpha Channel’s main office. Now that he is no longer confined in the tech world, Andy hopes to continue to refine his artistic skills and use the principles of design to guide the creative process. At Alpha Channel, Andy can do what he does best.

What is the significance of the name Alpha Channel? 

Andy: Alpha Channel gets it name from my experience writing code and editing photos for websites and software where each pixel is defined by 4 color values, red green blue and alpha channel [RGBA]. Alpha defines the opacity of a pixel and is used to cut out objects from their backgrounds. I use a combination of Laser Cutting and CNC routing to remove material and reveal a design in the same way.

Before Alpha Channel the majority of my designs lived in the digital domain while only a few were produced in the physical realm; these types of projects were most fun to create. Due to the mutable nature of technology, these exemplary projects are the few that haven't been rendered obsolete by outdated technology such as Flash.

Andy's pre-Alpha Channel portfolio samples: