Rustic Pine Laser Engraved Map of Seattle - Large

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Seattle, Washington

This high detail map displays Seattle and its vast waterfront, with Puget Sound to the West and nearly 22 miles of Lake Washington waterfront to the East. The intricacy of the map invites the observer to linger over Seattle’s landscape, jumping between neighborhoods, from Ballard, Queen Anne, and Magnolia to West Seattle, Beacon Hill, and the International District. From there, one may notice the ferry routes in Puget Sound or the lightly engraved trees illustrating the forested areas. No matter how many times you look at this map, each glance is sure to invite discovery.  With this piece, the beauty and timelessness of cartographic art speak for themselves.

Our process uses micro-3D engraving to represent fine details across several layers of the artwork. Each meticulously mapped layer is represented by a specific laser intensity and frequency, resulting in an engraving with subtle nuance in its gloss, depth, and texture. For example, bridges and overpasses are mapped to the lowest power, so they are represented on the top layer (least engraved), while large roads and tunnels are set to high power for the extra depth. Farms, forest and parks landscapes, industrial areas, universities, and schools all have distinct textures that distinguish them on the map. Water, in all its forms, is represented by a mesmerizing wave pattern. Open natural areas are left untouched.

Color: Dark Blue and natural pine wood

Materials used: Solid pine and latex paint

Frame: None

Mounting: Wire

Dimensions: 20”x36”x1"

Weight: 5 lbs.

Orientation: Vertical

Wood Type: Locally sourced pine

Country of Origin: USA

Map data is provided by Open Street Maps and ESRI for accurate cartographic projections and is processed to allow Alpha Channel Design to produce custom large area maps with the maximum level of map detail at the highest resolution the material can handle (typically 300-600dpi).

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